YFC Election 2011

Election for new candidates of Youth Friendly Center (YFC) was held on 27th Feb 2011. Election of three Beldangi camp held at Pancha Oti School’s premise. The ceremony was held under the chairmanship of Camp Secretary Mr. D.B. Subba as a chief election commissioner, while father Amul Raj occupied the seat of chief guest.
Mr. Kirtiman Rai of Bel-2 ext. and Ms. Sarada Subba of Bel-2 were elected as the new main coordinators of Beldangi camps securing 65 and 75 votes respectively. Mr. Yam Bdr. Gurung and Dil Maya Gurung were elected as the event coordinators for Bel-1 while Prem Khadka and Uma Pokhrel elected for Bel-2 & ext.
Meanwhile Buddha Sigh Rai and Khem Kumari Rai were elected as main coordinator from Sanischare camp. Kashi Nath Kadel and Mangali Gurung from Goldhap, Sunil Rai and Bhim Maya Gurung from Timai, Sita Ram Acharya and Sanghe Dolma Tamang from Khudunabari camp secured their positions as the main coordinators for the new running session.

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