Nepal being a secular country , different religions and their sister-organs are growing with the intention to serve downtrodden and ailing communities.Just near by Beldangi camp , nearly 35 churches are united for the same purpose. They named the united churches as ‘Christan Society Beldangi’ which is led by Mr. Abhram Dahal.
‘For the progress and all round development of different communities , a body of young and energetic comitte is also made as Youth Unity Society .’ Mr. Dev Poudel said.


Parijat conducts a Cultural Program

Parijat Bal Samuha on Monday conducted a cultural program, where 28 children performed. “This is to utilize the leisure time, since the schools are closed”, said Mr. khagendra Ghimire the coordinator of the Samuha. “Hope the Samuha becomes a platform for the children to go grow along with their talents”. Ghimire added.

The ceremony was held under the chairmanship of the coordinator Ghimire while Mr. Durga Sapkota from BRWF occupied the seat of Chief guest. First, second and third position holding children were rewarded with attractive prizes.

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BRAIN attempts to relief the pains of fire victims

BRAIN,27th March,
The cruel and great disaster(fire) destroyed the Bhutanese Refugee camps(Goldap and Sanischare) making hundreds of refugees hutless on the same day on the date 22nd March2011.Since then BRAIN has been trying to help them in the ways possible. After continuous and great struggle BRAIN opened the account at Kankai Bikash Bank(Damak) with an account no.0358307 with the recommendation of Nepal Red-Cross,Damak.
BRAIN will be pleased to receive your help and coordination with thanks for the fire victims of Goldap and Sanischare camp.
Your small hand of help may heal their pains of the victims.

Another Fire Disaster at Bhutanese Refugee Camps

A devastating fire swept through the Goldhap camp in eastern Nepal on Tuesday 22nd March leaving thousands of refugees homeless. About 8,000 people left homeless destroying almost 90 percent of the camp buildings.
“The fire started at around 7:30 A.M”, the camp resident reported. The cause of the rage, which swept quickly through the camp’s closely packed bamboo huts, is suggested as it was an accident.
Even though there were no serious casualties, people could save their lives only. “We have lost everything including important documents, property…. except our lives”, said one of the casualties.
Meanwhile about 300 huts turned into ashes at Sanischare camp. Local resident reported that fire started at 2:30 PM from B/2 64 hut.
When the fire broke out, refugees and fire brigades battled for hours to bring the fire under control. The homeless refugees found shelter under trees, with locals or in the few buildings left unscathed, including the camp school, the clinic, an emergency communal shelter and some huts.

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Appeal to concerned agencies and organizations

An innocent farmer arrested in Bhutan and his arrest is not yet known to his family members. It revels the degree of brutality of the Bhutanese Government to the citizens. His father at Beldangi camp appeals concerned personnels, forums, agencies, organization and all to help him release and disclose his present condition.