Refugee Camp Remains tensed

The Camp Management Committee (CMC) of Beldangi camp had to regret for restricting refugees from going outside the three Beldangi camps, Friday. An all-party meeting under the chairmanship of Damak Municipality Chief Officer of Jhapa, at the community forest office this morning reached an understanding that CMC did a mistake by not allowing the refugees to go out of camps.


“Intro” of new Nova

“Intro” of New Nova, Suraj Rai
BRAIN, 17th April 2011
Suraz Rai known as new established nova, a resident of Beldangi-I ,B/1,64, is preparing for the new album “Intro” after a great struggle. In his album there are nine songs which are accumulated from different sentiments and are in fusion melody. He has recorded all songs at ‘Rhythm Audio Digital Recording Studio’, Lhasa Villa Darjelling.
He stated that, he struggled a lot from his childhood itself in musical world and got a great platform from Youth Friendly Centre (YFC). ‘I was inspired by ‘All artist of Bhutan’, ’Line-Cross Movie’, ‘Electronic and Paper Media’ and all my well-wishers’,Rai said. ‘A grand and immortal credit of this album goes to sponsor, Alisiva Lepcha (USA, Washington Seattle) and Co-sponsors, Sambu Bhandari (Janta Traders, Beldangi-I) and Sankar Bhandari (Sneha Suppliers and Traders, Damak)’,he added.
Even though “Intro” is his first solo album, he has sang two songs ‘Rahasya’ on movie “Rahasya Afno Pannko’ and ‘Say No to Drugs’ on album ‘Samjauta’ and has worked as music director too. He has expected that his new album “Intro” will be released on third week of Jesta 2068 and given the token of thanks to all well-wishers and supporters.