Constitutional Assambly extends for three months

The political parties struck a five-point deal, paving the way for a three-month extension of the Constituent Assembly.

According to the pact signed by top three leaders of the three major parties the Constituent Assembly term will be extended by three months; fundamentals of the peace process will be readied within three months; the first draft of the new constitution will be prepared within three months; the Prime Minister will quit to pave the way for formation of a national consensus government; and the Nepal Army will be developed as an inclusive institution by implementing the past agreements signed with Madhesi Morcha. However, it wasn’t clear when the Prime Minister’s resignation would come.

Earlier before the signing of the agreement, Samyukta Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha (SLMM) kept harping on PM Khanal’s immediate resignation.

The government’s plan to forge consensus by Saturday midnight failed after SLMM wanted to trade off the extension with Khanal’s immediate step-down. The attempt by the Big Three to forge consensus failed after the Maoists rejected the proposal of NC and a section of ruling CPN-UML for CA extension in two phases.

The House session scheduled for 8 am Saturday was delayed by over 15 hours after the parties couldn’t forge consensus on tenure extension. Speaker Subas Nembang convened the House at 11:14 pm amid persisting differences between the ruling coalition and NC over whether the CA should have a phase-wise or straight six-month extension.

Minister for Law and Justice Prabhu Shah tabled the ninth Interim Constitution amendment bill proposing CA’s tenure extension for a year to avert a constitutional crisis that would result in the event of failure to begin the process of endorsing the bill by Saturday midnight. The note of disapproval registered against tenure extension by RPP-Nepal was rejected by more than a two-thirds majority before the bill was tabled. The next sitting conducted on Sunday morning allowed the lawmakers 25 minutes to register amendment proposals on the bill.

The three major parties were close to extending the term of the CA for six months through a deal including timebound commitment to conclude the peace and constitution making process during intra party discussions held Saturday afternoon. They had agreed that the agreement would be kept in the annexure of the constitution through the House session before passing the term extension bill.

The plan fell through after former Prime Minister and senior UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal backed NC’s proposal and urged the Maoist leadership to agree on CA extension in two phases. He proposed that the first 45-day extension should complete the peace process and the ensuing six months be utilised to conclude the constitution drafting.

Rejecting the proposal outright, Maoists proposed a package deal including formation of a national unity government and timebound commitment for completing the peace process as well as constitution drafting within six months.

During discussions with NC, UML and Madhes based parties’ leaders, the Maoists had committed that they were ready to end the dual security arrangement for their party leaders immediately and lock the weapons used by the body guards in the containers, in a “symbolic” move to suggest that the arms were under the Special Committee. They had promised to give it in writing that the weapons storage containers kept at the seven main cantonment sites belonged to the Special Committee.

The Maoists had also pledged to finalise the regrouping procedure within June 4, complete the regrouping process by July 5 and complete integration and rehabilitation by September. They had proposed that the first draft of the constitution would be prepared within one month of the CA extension.

श्वेता बिमली

लाम्चो अनि हाँसिलो मुहार । नृत्यमा उस्तै प्रखर । अभिनय पनि त्यत्तिकै राम्रो गर्न सक्ने । नेपाली लचचित्रका कुनै नायिका भन्दा क्षमतामा कमी देखिन्न यी प्रतिभामा । तैपनि उनले चलचित्रमा नायिका बन्ने अबसर पाएकी छैनन् । यी प्रतिभा हुन श्वेता विमली । नेपाल टेलिभिजनबाट प्रशारण हुँदै आएको नृत्य प्रतियोगिता ‘छमछमी-२’मा उनी झापाबाट छानिएकी छिन् । त्यसैले उनको लक्ष्य हो अबको एक वर्षमा नेपालको उत्कृष्ट नर्तक बनेर छमछमीको ‘टाईटल’ जित्नु,’सोही कारण म दिनभर नृत्य सिक्नमै ब्यस्त हुन्छु ।’ बिमलीले हाँस्दै भनिन् । नृत्यमा स्नातक गर्ने तयारी छिन उनी । नृत्य नै पढ्नुको कारण बारेको जवाफमा यी मोडल भन्छिन्,’भगवानले मलाई नृत्यकै लागि पठाएको जस्तो लाग्छ । त्यसैले नी ।’ जुना प्रसाईंको बोक मादल…र भानु ओलीको केही गीतको म्युजिक भिडियोमा मोडलिङ गरिसकेकी छिन बिमलीले । फोसन सोमा समेत क्याटवाक गरिसकेकी बिमलीको लक्ष्य हो,’ नेपालको सफल नायिका र कोरियोग्राफर बन्नु ।’ जसका लागि जस्तो सँघर्ष गर्न पनि आफु तयार रहेको जनाउँदै उनले भनिन्,’सँघर्षको नाममा फिल्म खेल्न आफ्नो अस्मिता भने म सुम्पन्न । यौन हैन, प्रतिभाका कारण नायिका बन्नु छ मलाई ।’ नेपाली चलचित्रबृत्तमा यौनलाई माध्ययम बनाएर आउनेहरु धेरै भएको भन्ने चर्चा बिमलीले नसुनेकी हैनन्,’जबसम्म निर्माता निर्देशकले सेक्सलाई माध्ययम बनाएर नायिका छान्छन् । तबसम्म नेपाली फिल्मले राम्रो नायिका पाउँदैन ।’ सेक्स सम्बन्ध विना सिनेमा नपाएमा आफु अभिनय क्षेत्र नै छोड्न पछि नपर्ने उनले दाबी गरिन् । ‘मेरो लागि सेक्स डरलाग्दो चिज हो । श्वेता बिमलीलाई फिल्ममा कामपनि प्रस्ताव आउँदो रहेछ । तर नायिका बनाउने लोभमा सोझौ निर्माण पक्षले यौनको प्रस्तावा राखेकाले आफुले त्यस्ता फिल्म् नखेलेको उनले स्पष्ट पारिन् । विवाह अघिको सहमतीय सेक्सलाई मन नपराउने श्वेता बिमली भन्छिन्,’ सेक्स त्यति सस्तो छैन र यही कारण पनि मैले अहिलेसम्म ब्वाईफ्रेन्ड नबनाएकी हुँ । म विवाह पनि प्रेम नभएर पारम्पारिक नै गर्छु ।’

Camp’s Condition

The Resettlement processes of Bhutanese Refugees brought turn down in the facilities in refugee camps. The angle of turn down in facilities being provided is increasing rapidly. Many provisions like chilli, ginger, onion ,turmeric which were provided before are banned now. Similarly, seven kilogram of rice for fifteen days is reduced to 5.7 kilogram. In the sector of education also result of District Education Board and SLC Examination showed that it is not in good condition.
In exception ,present health sector is found satisfactory . There is timely provision of medicine and even referral cases are also dealt in time. To know how was this possible we inquired a health worker who holds the post of Human Resource Incharge(HRI) Mr.J.B.Mongar. He told that condition of AMDA is very much improved after Dr.Madhurima Bhadra joined AMDA as a Project Director.He also added that the rags in dispensary which used to be empty before are now filled with medical drugs. The supply of medicine was very less before which created misunderstanding and even led to turmoil several times and havoc . Another elected member from health sub-committee Beldang II, Mr.Til Bdr.Mongar also expressed that they don’t have much problems which is all possible because of Dr. Bhadra’s positive attitude ,dedication and commitment.

Bhutanese fell in an accident

Yetiraj Khanal
11:26 P Worcester,
MA (April 29, 2011)
– On Thursday, April 28, 2011 at approximately 8:10 PM Worcester Police responded to 182 Park Avenue for a report of a motor vehicle smashing into a home. Upon the officers’ arrival they observed two people who were injured and a vehicle sticking out of the front door of a single family home. A 53 year old male who was standing in the front doorway of the victim’s home was struck by the vehicle. He sustained a broken ankle. He was transported to UMass Medical Center (university campus). The owner of the home, Ms. Rosemary Turner, 83 years old, was standing by her front door with the male victim when she was pinned under the car. She was listed in critical condition and was also transported to UMass Medical Center. Ms. Turner succumbed to her injuries later on .More investigation is being made by the US police.