Camp’s Condition

The Resettlement processes of Bhutanese Refugees brought turn down in the facilities in refugee camps. The angle of turn down in facilities being provided is increasing rapidly. Many provisions like chilli, ginger, onion ,turmeric which were provided before are banned now. Similarly, seven kilogram of rice for fifteen days is reduced to 5.7 kilogram. In the sector of education also result of District Education Board and SLC Examination showed that it is not in good condition.
In exception ,present health sector is found satisfactory . There is timely provision of medicine and even referral cases are also dealt in time. To know how was this possible we inquired a health worker who holds the post of Human Resource Incharge(HRI) Mr.J.B.Mongar. He told that condition of AMDA is very much improved after Dr.Madhurima Bhadra joined AMDA as a Project Director.He also added that the rags in dispensary which used to be empty before are now filled with medical drugs. The supply of medicine was very less before which created misunderstanding and even led to turmoil several times and havoc . Another elected member from health sub-committee Beldang II, Mr.Til Bdr.Mongar also expressed that they don’t have much problems which is all possible because of Dr. Bhadra’s positive attitude ,dedication and commitment.


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  1. iam glad to know about the situation of bhutanese refugee camps posted by the brain madiater.thanx for this and ,hope that this will continue its work with truthness.

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