3 from Nepalese family injured in two-car crash near downtown Denver; infant critical

Yatiraj Sharma
Denver, Colorado
Police said three people who were injured in an early morning crash near downtown Denver are members of a family from Nepal. One of the injured, an infant, is in critical condition.

The crash happened at about 6 a.m. at the intersection of Broadway and Speer Boulevard, according to a Denver Police Department dispatcher.
The driver said here is a guy from Refugee camp whose name goes Purna Khatri.He himself was a driver along with his wife and an infant of about 8 months were accompanied.The accidient was fierceful.the police suspected the involvement of Alcohol in the accidient.the child is under treatment in the Denver Health where it is kept in an ICU.It was reported by the relatives of the casualties that the child started takinng edibles and the doctor said the infant will be alright in a few days.

Two other people, in the same car as the infant, were also injured and taken to a local hospital.

A woman in the car suffered serious injury, police said. Further details were not released.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash.


A Bhutanese boy killed in Beldangi camp

An unidentified people gunned down an a boy of Beldangi-II Extension on Wednesday, at around 9:15 pm.
According to Armed Police Force (APF) Inspector Suraj Chhetri, 21-year-old Ram Kumar Gurung of sector C-4, hut number 68-69 was shot just outside his hut.
“He sustained at least three bullets at his chest,and one on his hand” Chhetri told us.
According to our correspondent, who reached the site upon hearing gun firing and cry for help, Gurung was lying still.

A group of exiled Bhutanese rushed him to the nearby health center run by the AMDA Nepal, from where he was referred to the AMDA-Hospital Damak.
An hour later, the hospital doctors pronounced him dead, according to the family source.

Preparations were underway to take the dead body to Chandragadhi for postmortem.

Nine persons are arested suspecting their involvevement in the crime. Inspector Chhetri said investigation into the case was underway.