Nepal’s main opposition political party is blocking Parliament to demand the prime minister resign.

Laxman Ghimire of the Nepali Congress party said the party acted because Prime Minister Jhalnath Khanal was failing to honor an agreement reached earlier this year. The protest left Parliament unable to consider bills or conduct other business Monday.

Ghimire said Khanal had agreed in May to resign but instead plans were being made to expand and reshuffle the Cabinet.

Khanal has insisted he would resign only after a national government is formed with representation from all the major political parties in parliament.

Posted on: 2011-07-25 06:55

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BRAIN conducts Arts Competition

Three hours long Arts Competition was organized by BRAIN in Bhutanese Refugee Camp on 10th july. In the programme , twenty competitors from all different six camps below 18 years of age portrayed “the life in regugee camps” in their beautiful and artistic performances. The programme was organized in AMDA hall Beldangi -2. According to the Chairperson of BRAIN Mr.Basudev Khanal ,the programming was financially assisted by Blessing in Jesus, Darjeeling and CAAN.

The general secretary of BRAIN Mr. Roshan Shankar added that the selected artists from the camp would go for the International Art Competition which is going be organized in Darjeeling , India by CAAN.