In total, 50,527 exiled Bhutanese refugees from various refugee camps of Jhapa and Morang have left for different countries under the ongoing third country resettlement programme.

The United States has taken the biggest number of refugees, informed a source at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) that has been processing the logistics for resettling refugees.

By now, 42,601 Bhutanese have been resettled in various US states.

Meanwhile, Australia has resettled 2844 refugees, Canada 3317, Denmark 488, the Netherlands 229, New Zealand 564, Norway 373 and the United Kingdom 111.


Bhutanese Shot in USA, Colarodo

An accident took place in USA, Colorado on 28th july. when we enquired about the accidentto the caulty Mr. Yeti Raj Khanal says ,” I was back from work from a distance city golden and dropped the bus at Yosemite street and Colfax Ave.its a 10 minutes walk from the my ride(bus stop) to the a[partment.i was approaching towards my apartment an afro-American(black guy instantly encountered me demanding money.i replied him that i was out of money and escaped him.while i was running i felt i was pat by a huge stone in my elbow and its broken as it lost the ability to hold the bottle of water whioch i had on my left i called the emergency police no 911.after that he was seen to be running t East on East 13th Ave towards Aurora.As soon as i reached my apartment the paramedics(Ambulance),Rescue team and police were there.The investigation team “