Bhutanese Shot in USA, Colarodo

An accident took place in USA, Colorado on 28th july. when we enquired about the accidentto the caulty Mr. Yeti Raj Khanal says ,” I was back from work from a distance city golden and dropped the bus at Yosemite street and Colfax Ave.its a 10 minutes walk from the my ride(bus stop) to the a[partment.i was approaching towards my apartment an afro-American(black guy instantly encountered me demanding money.i replied him that i was out of money and escaped him.while i was running i felt i was pat by a huge stone in my elbow and its broken as it lost the ability to hold the bottle of water whioch i had on my left i called the emergency police no 911.after that he was seen to be running t East on East 13th Ave towards Aurora.As soon as i reached my apartment the paramedics(Ambulance),Rescue team and police were there.The investigation team “


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