Bhutanese refugees Women Still on hunger strike

The Bhutanese refugees in Jhapa district who have been deprived of identity cards and the government relief package have staged a fast-unto-death strike from Tuesday, demanding identity cards of Refugee status.

Some 15 Bhutanese women refugees have joined the hunger strike.
Those staging the hunger strike have declared that would not agree on any conditions unless the Government of Nepal becomes ready to accept them as refugees from Bhutan.

“We have decided to sacrifice our lives. For us death has become more favourable than living without any status,” Durga Devi Bista, who has been leading the hunger strike, told reporters, Wednesday.

According to Bista, around 37,00 people from Bhutan have been leading miserable life in the camps as the government and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have not yet recognized their status.
10 out of 15 hunger strikers have fallen sick .Some of them have gone serious ;Indra Kala Bhandari, Chandra Maya Khadka, Indira Bhattarai and Tulasha Dhakal, informed AMDA medical representatives.
Though the team has been pressurized to end the strike by Chief District Officer and UNHCR representative, the team disagreed to discontinue the strike unless their demands are met.
The Human Right Activists and other stake holders expressed their worries on the deteriorating health condition of those refugees and also warned to think about the forth-coming situation to the concerned authorities and refugees.


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  1. We express our solidarity for the struggle if u all are really Bhutanese.

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