American Doctors in Bhutanese Refugee Camps

Mr. Meghani, speaking about Hindu American Foundation and its mission for Bhutanese refugee

A US medical team visited Beldangi refugee camp on Jan 26. The team visited the refugee camp with intention to provide additional medical facility to the refugees.

They were requested by the refugees and welcomed by AMDA to assist the refugee in some specific areas.

Mr. Arvind Chandrakantan and Mr. Mahir Meghani of Hindu American Foundation visited health center along with Dr. Benu of AMDA before they set in a meeting at CMC hall.

In the meeting, CMC members and the refugee intellectuals appreciated the current medical facilities provided by AMDA, Nepal and highlighted the medical services they are deprived of and encouraged the foundation to assist the refugee in the same arena of Health.

Till this date AMDA is providing primary medical facilities to the Bhutanese refugees under its PHCP project.

Meanwhile, they visited Sanischare camp on 27th  and discussed about health problems that people are suffering from.

After long discussion and meeting with AMDA and UNHCR officials , they  came to a conclusion that they would be back to Nepal to serve Bhutanese Refugees in the sector of health within some months.