A Girl Hangs In Australlia

The investigation into the suicide is underway in Australia. However, the cause must be a broken-heart that she developed when her boyfriend betrayed her.

22-year-old  girl, Hari Thapa, who was a nursing student in Southern Tasmania, was said to have taken her own life  Friday. She was resettled in Australia some 17 months ago.
It is known that she was using computer few minutes before she was hung.


United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan claims it

A police official was suspected to have been injured in a gun fire following a bomb explosion near the forest check post at Rinchending (Kharbandi) around 8.15pm yesterday in Phuentsholing.

It is suspected that there was the gunfire from above the road, which injured the police official. He was immediately taken to the hospital and is reported to be stable.

An eyewitness, another police personnel said his colleague was standing outside the checkpost when they heard a gunshot. “When we went outside we saw his face covered in blood,” the eyewitness said. “But we don’t know where he was hurt.”

The forest check post remained closed after 6pm and no forest officials were present during the incident. Officails at the scene said all documents, registers, license of drivers were damaged from the blast.

Police suspect there was another gunshot at the immigration check post when the officials were inside the room. The bullet, they said pierced through the front wall and went through the wall at the end of the room.

A student, who is working as a temporary immigration officer at the check post said he saw a light above the road behind the forest check post and before the blast.

The forest check post is about 15-20 meters from the immigration check post. Rinchending is about 5 km from Phuentsholing.

Another temporary immigration officer said his three friends who were returning from Pasakha had a man in a white shirt coming out from the forest check post. “We didn’t suspect anything since we didn’t know about the blast,” he said. “We came down to the check post and then realised there was a blast.”

Police said they could not comment about the incident at the moment. “It is dark and we cannot find what kind of bomb was used because we need physical inspection,” police said. “Spot inspection is impossible at night.”

Another police officer said they would know what kind of bomb exploded and find out about the gunfire after the investigation. “The whole information now is based on what eye witness said and the information might differ,” police said.
URFB commander-in-chief Karma claimed that their cadres attacked the Royal Bhutan Police post at Kharbandi

Refugee Gets Award

A Bhutanese refugee, Mr. Durga Lal Acharya from Sanischare Camp under sector H was awarded by Nepal Red Cross Society recently. He was awarded the prize because of his participation in a radio programme broadcasted by Saptakoshi FM and Red Cross Society jointly.