Fire at Beldangi Camp-Update

Fire -in Bel-2

The night inferno, which was reportedly started from a hut owned by former Camp Secretary of Goldhap camp Ram Chandra Bastola of Beldangi-II Sector B/4, Hut No. 25 has left 45 huts destroyed and 241 refugees displaced. The fire broke out around 12:30 A.M. Friday morning.

Armed Police Force (APF) and local residents brought the fire under control after a battle of over an hour, followed by four fire extinguishers from Damak, Itahari, Bhadrapur and Kakarvitta. 

Representatives of various aid agencies and government authorities have reached the spot for releasing immediate relief package for the fire victims.

An urgent meeting was held in CMC hall. In the meeting the Jhapa CDO expressed his sympathy to the victims.  He added that the government will make all necessary arrangement to bring the things normal. He also thanked the agencies and individuals for controlling the fire in time.

In the mean time, UNHCR head for Damak branch assured that the all necessary actions will be taken to bring the situation normal. He too expressed his deep sympathy to the displaced families.

Lok Raj Dhakal, the chairman of Nepal Red Cross Society Damak and Father Amal Raj of Caritas Nepal  told the meeting that their offices are making arrangement for distribution of  relief supplies to the families. Father Amal Raj also added that the victimized students will be provided with all necessary supplies to continue their studies.

It is also decided to feed the people together establishing a community kitchen. YFC members are mobilized for the purpose from the early morning.

Mean while WFP assured to provide ration to cover from 2nd March up to the next  scheduled ration distribution day. WFP representative, Ms. Bhavana also added that one day ration for all displaced refugee will be provided once for Friday’s lunch.

Mr. Dhruba Raj Pandit, LWF representative, assured that the reconstruction of huts will be completed within a week time.

A  relief committee has been formed to provide immediate relief to the victims. The committee is headed by Mr. Surendra Thapa, RCU of Beldangi camp. Five sub-committees are created under this committee.

Five sub-committees are:-

1) Shelter Management Committee – Headed by Nar Bahadur Basnet

2) Kitchen Committee – Headed by Kritiman Rai, YFC Co-ordinator

3) Health & Sanitation – Headed by Ram Prd. B.K., AMDA

4) Ration Management – Headed by Man Maya Rai

5) Security – Headed by Sancha Hang Subba, CWT Chief

The latest updated data reads as:

Total Huts burnt = 35       26 huts (B/4)  &  9 huts (B/2)

Total Huts dismantled = 19   13 huts (B/4) & 6 huts (B/2)

Total population displaced = 241     186 (B/4)    55 (B/2)


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