Fans Club Assists Fire Victims

Fans ClubFANS CLUB, the Bhutanese refugee youth club has organized a sanitation program in the fire effected spot in Beldangi-2 camp. “We felt the self responsible to render possible service to the effected members of our own community”, articulated most of its members.

About 30 members of the Club joined their hands together. They started the voluntary service at around 8 AM and were busy up to noon. They cleared the wastes and the chopped tree pieces on the spot.

Club also decided to construct four new huts, three four most vulnerable families and one for the ex-deputy camp secretary of Timai camp Mr. Bhanu Kadariya.

In the end, the club Manager Mr. Yuba Raj Sampang highlighted the objectives of the club and thanked its member for their cooperation in rendering services.

In the mean time Deputy Camp secretary of BeldangicampMrs.Man Maya Rai praised the service of the club and thanked the club members. “We the CMC will recognize the Club and promote it for its good service in the community”, she added.

Fans Club was established on 10 Oct. 2010. Sine then it has been providing various services for the welfare of the Bhutanese community.


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