Headwind, HEADWIND,  is a young refugee girl who was born in a refugee camp in Nepal after her parents were exiled from Bhutan in the early ninetees of the past century. She grew up in the camp never having touched Bhutanese ground. In 2008 Laxmi and her family were resettled to the Netherlands giving them a new chance in life. Lasmi’x low caste boyfriend however was resettled to the United States and so their strong love is tested to the limits. Laxmi’s new life is complicated and the relationship with her family deteriorates as she becomes more and more influenced by the modern western society which is so different from what she was used to in Nepal.

About the author

Duch Novelist, Alice Anna Verheij

Alice Anna Verheij (50) is a writer, filmmaker and photographer who is dedicating her work to human rights advocacy and unveiling unknown human rights situations. Her prime area of interest is South Asia. Her debuting novel was a Dutch language thriller about the fight against women trafficking from Nepal, through the Gulf States to Europe. Currently she is working on her next Dutch language novel and the sequel to her first published book. In the end of 2012 she will release her documentary Headwind, the forgotten exiles from Bhutan which she made in 2010 – 2012 together with her companion Eveline van de Putte. They have also recently published the photobook UNFORGOTTEN that can be ordered here and there photos are being exhibited in a number locations in the Netherlands.

Book details

Language English Price € 17,95 incl. VAT and excl. postage and packaging

Author Alice Anna Verheij Photos by Alice Anna Verheij and Eveline van de Putte


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  1. i know basu u did great job in publishing those stories , abt those families and try to do more something that would be gr8 i think.

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