Mr. Y.N Chaulagai’s “Sakchhi”

  • Mr. Y.N Chaulagai

    Mr.Y.N Chaulagai Originally from Bhutan who has been residing in Damak, Jhapa Nepal since he was evicted from the country of origin, has presented his feeling of strong hatred of tyranny . He could not forget his birth place “Bhutan” and remembers through his book named “Sakchhi”. The first few paragraphs of the book are here;                               “साछी” पुस्तक को परिचय

  •  “In what circumstances does a human being become a “Refugee”? What is the true meaning of the word “Refugee”? Under what dire conditions are people ready to leave, in a minutes notice and under duress, the house they were born in; the land their ancestors had spilled their sweats and blood in; their dear motherland; and all their earthly possessions? An investigative report to these very questions is the book “Sakchhi” (“Witness”).
  •  During 1989/90 (Nepali calendar 2047/48), an invisible political earthquake encapsulated Bhutan resulting in thousands of martyrs and hundreds of thousands of refugees. The powerful ruling class tried to eliminate its own population with torture and every other suppression techniques at its disposal. As a result of these political and social tornadoes, innocent Bhutanese citizens, fearing for their lives, sought shelter and security in nearby Nepal. Those very people are Bhutanese refugees.

     Atrocities committed on those refugees, during this period of turmoil, have been depicted in the book. “Sakchhi”, thus, is a story attempting to accurately portray the heinous crimes committed by the Bhutanese government and its henchmen on an innocent people.”



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