About Us

Bhutanese Refugees Association of Intellectual Novas(BRAIN) has been established as an absolute social organization to promote and educate Bhutanese people about girl trafficking, drug abuse, casticism and control those evils in the Bhutanese refugee community. Its another purpose is to stimulate the Bhutanese people to be co-operative among themselves and help them build up mutual relationship with other people of other different casts and religion.

It is established by a group of Bhutanese refugees on 27th july 2010. It works in collaboration with other social organization those have been supporting Bhutanese refugees since long in exile(UNHCR,CARITAS,HAPPY NEPAL,Maity Nepal,LWF ,IOM and Other organizations too).It aims to bridge the gap among Bhutanese ;scattered all over the world.It has special and needful objectives.The members of this group are highly enthusiastic and self-motivated. Therefore, our group is always ready to serve our Bhutanese community facing any kind of challenges.The team members are teachers of different schools, workers from different CBOs, and general refugees. Our special thanks and tribute goes to the people of the refugee community (our colleague) who went far and beyond for the establishment of this organization.


5 Responses

  1. Great and good initiative
    Further it would be great if you people would include interested and curious refugees students who wants to work for society like BRAIN’s objective.
    Such as group REFUGEES VOICE.

    Thank You!!!!

  2. Great to know this.
    But your terms that is ‘bros’ is quite uneasy to term me hai.

    Nice to learn about this.

    Hope to hear more about this types of works.

    Thank You!!

  3. It was great to make the acquaintance of your president today and learn about another impressive community-based organization in the Bhutanese refugee samaaj. I am a student working with TPO on psychosocial issues in the camps, see my blog at:
    Please contact me if you have thoughts or ideas about improving mental health and decreasing suicide in the international Bhutanese community.
    Best wishes,

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