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Who We Are

Bhutanese Refugees Association of Intellectual Novas(BRAIN) has been established as an absolute social organization to promote and educate Bhutanese people about girl trafficking, drug abuse, casticism and control those evils in the Bhutanese refugee community. Its another purpose is to stimulate the Bhutanese people to be co-operative among themselves and help them build up mutual relationship with other people of other different Countries of the globe.

What Have We Done

Bhutanese Refugee Association of Intellectual Novas

     Estd: 27th June 2010                                                        
Contact: 7203271019
         Sub: BRAIN’S REPORT
We, the Bhutanese Refugees felt self  responsibility with a feeling of rendering needful service to our ailing and innocent community. For the same,we have formed a social organization named, “Bhutanese Refugee Association of Intellectual Novas” (BRAIN), which consists of seventeen (17) members in all based in seven camps. It was established on 27th June 2010.
Since its inception, it has been conducting several programs from which the refugees are directly benefited. The summary of which is enlisted here.
25 Aug 2010
E-mail & Internet
Students of spoken language center
 Bel-2 extn.
Cyprus Cyber Beldangi
Rs 955
Cyprus Cyber
Details: This was the first program organized by BRAIN,in which the learners who had never seen and touched computers were enabled to create their own E-mail ID and could chat with their friends, relatives and others who were overseas. It was facilitated by BRAIN members; Basudev Khanal, Gopal Thapa, Ram Giri, Dil Bdr. Rai, Roshan Shankar, Dilip Tamang and Manoj Katwal. Well equipped spot was provided by Mr. J.N. Adhikari of Cyprus Cyber Beldangi. Financial expense was maintained by BRAIN members.
4 Sept 2010
HIV AIDS Awareness
& Drug Abuse
Students of Class 9 & 10
Beldangi 2
Rs. 1525
AMDA, HAPPY Nepal & Sparsha Nepal
Details:  The program was facilitated by the experts from AMDA Nepal, Sparsha Nepal, and HAPPY Nepal and by senior medical representatives too in which about 100 students of grade 9 & 10 benefited. The program was formally held under the chairmanship of Mr. Purna Sapkota the principal of TRSS school while Dr. Bhampa Rai was placed in the seat of chief guest. The program was witnessed by the reporters and intellectuals as well.
26 Sept 2010
Blood Donation
& Dental Camp
Refugees from Bel-2 and Bel-2 Extn.
CMC Hall
Rs 3550
Red Cross, City Dental Hospital & CMC Bel-2
Details:  The program was inaugurated by Mr. Narad Mani Sanyashi the camp secretary of Bel-2 as a chairperson of the program. A team from Nepal Red Cross Society, Damak assisted in Blood Donation while an equipped dentist team from City Dental Hospital, Damak facilitated Dental Camp. In the program ,some 200 refugees from Bel-2 and extension got their teeth checked up and ten prints of blood was collected.
25 Dec 2010
Quiz Competition
For adults
Refugees from Sanischare camp
Camp stage
Rs 2164
NHA school, Camp Managemant Committee.
Details:  The program was conducted with a view to alert the people about the Eye & Dental camps going to be held on following day and to educate the people with general knowledge. Further more the candidates were given time boundary to speak about the importance of program in which they highlighted that such program gives  some relief …………
26 Dec 2010
Eye & Dental
Refugees from Sanischare camp
Sanischare camp
Rs 3123
AMDA, Life Line Hospital & Om Santi Dental Hospital,Golcha eye Team.
Details: In this one day Health Camp, total 409 patients were treated and were provided necessary drugs (medicine). Technical & medical equipments were provided by AMDA Nepal. There were three groups of specialists via Dentists, Ophthalmologists & Surgeons. The team oriented people on oral & dental health for about 45 minutes.
18 Jan 2011
Interaction program on CMC
Candidates of camp secretary for Beldangi camps
CMC Hall
Rs 1045
CMC Bel-2
Details:  At the eve of Camp Management Committees’ election , with the intention to make people aware about the value of vote casted by an individual, the programme was organized. All the candidate of Camp Secretary were invited .They spoke on the topic “Role of forthcoming CMC” with their strong argumentative points why  were they competing for the post of camp secretary. At the end, human right activist Mr. K.P Subedi suggested the ways to hold election and the role to be played by an individuals.
10 july 2011
Artists below 18 years from all camps. 20 competitors
AMDA hall bel-2
   The total expenditure made by BRAIN to conduct above enlisted programmes is Rs.  12,362. At the inception of organization itself, the core members of BRAIN had collected the sum of Rs 1,000 each by 17 members. BRAIN used Rs 1000 to open account (Kankai Bikash Bank, Damak) for the fire victims. Now, BRAIN  has the sum of Rs 3,638 cash in hand.
4 sept. 2011
Single Ladies Honorary programme
Single, widows and separated ladies.
Beldangi ii-Ext Ground
Rs 17445
Rs. 16,000 by Punya Foundation
     It being social organization, the members of brain have been rendering their valuable service voluntarily. Therefore, BRAIN highly expects and acknowledges even your helping hand, co-operation and support in the ways possible.
Youth Conference
20 delegates from Bhutanese Camp attended, in darjeling,India
The Speakers from U.S.A  spoke about the challenges of youths and creative solutions. Most of the delegates were from the hills of Darjeeling and different parts of India.
Thanks &Best Regards

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